ICPM designs education programs specifically for board members, pension trustees and C-suite executives who have the difficult job of making decisions that impact the health and prosperity of millions of current and future retirees. Education is critical for making careful, well-informed decisions that will ensure a pension fund’s well-being 50 years or more into the future.

ICPM’s programs are offered in partnership with leading universities around the World. Our programs blend academic rigour with an immersive experience where boards, trustees, and senior executives examine research and case studies with leading academics and receive mentorship from expert practitioners.

ICPM pension education programs are open to all pension funds. Starting in 2023, ICPM Research Partners now enjoy a 15% discount applicable to all ICPM education offerings.


ICPM-Rotman Pension Governance Education Program

September 25-28, 2023

ICPM-Rotman Pension Governance Education Program

Sep 25-28 2023

The Pension Governance Education Program (PGEP) is a unique international governance program designed for board members of large pension funds and long-horizon investment institutions around the globe.

Organized by ICPM and Rotman Executive Programs at the University of Toronto, the program instills best practices in key areas such as governance of pension/investment management institutions, responsible investment boardroom dynamics, investment beliefs, IT and cybersecurity risk and member communications.

Who Should Attend?

The program has been developed specifically for board members of ICPM Research Partners and the pension community. It focuses on global pension perspectives and attracts international participants.

With limited seats available, the program builds relevant skills and knowledge for existing board members and supports ongoing board renewal by helping to prepare new board members to fulfil their governance responsibilities.

“Boards and trustees gain so much from a community from which they can learn international perspectives on challenges faced by pension funds around the world.”

Rob Bauer, Academic Director

ICPM-Maastricht Program on Trust-Building Through Effective Communications

October 4-6, 2023

Pension leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of pension communications to strengthen engagement, build loyalty and properly steer a fund over the long-term, including through times of crisis. Where pension communications have traditionally been seen as an operational obligation, ensuring effective and appropriate communications with members has been identified as an important strategic topic.

In response to this need, ICPM and UMIO|Maastricht University, the executive education department of the School of Business and Economics, have developed an immersive education retreat where board members and senior-level communication specialists will explore best practices in pension communications and member engagement.

Who Should Attend?

This international pension education program is designed for Board members, C-suite executives, and senior-level communications specialists. We encourage organizations to enroll both a communications specialist alongside a Board member/executive to explore best practices together.

“The research speaks for itself. The way pension funds communicate with their members has a significant impact on the decisions they make when it comes to saving for retirement.”

Lisa Brüggen, Academic Director

ICPM-Oxford Asset Owner Sustainability Leadership Programme

Dates TBC

The Asset Owner Sustainability Leadership Programme blends the academic research and teaching expertise at the University of Oxford with the thought leadership and networks of the International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM). In partnering, we have co-created a programme which recognises that asset owners are rapidly embracing sustainability, but that there is now a critical need to translate the latest insights in climate and biodiversity science into a responsible investment policy based on evidence-based investment beliefs.

Who Should Attend?

We invite a diverse cohort of participants from pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, endowments, foundations, and other institutional owners of assets across asset classes, security types and geographies.

The programme is aimed at an executive level, and is suitable for board members, C-suite officers, trustees, senior investment analysts and heads of functions.

Ben Caldecott

“The combination of the academic rigour at the University of Oxford with the thought leadership of ICPM provides the ideal environment for asset owners to build strong sustainability leadership in the face of rapidly-evolving science. It is essential that asset owners can access the latest research and analysis, and furthermore, understand how to translate that into practical policy-making.”

Ben Caldecott, Director, Oxford Sustainable Finance Group and the Lombard Odier Associate Professor of Sustainable Finance, University of Oxford & Rob Bauer, Associate Director of Education, ICPM