Working Group Reports

ICPM Research Partners collaborate on select topics that are of key interest and relevance to pension funds.

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  • The Four Ways Through Which Pension Funds Increase the Productivity of Firms They Invest In

    R. Beetsma, S. Betermier, J. van Dam, S. E. Hougaard Jensen, F. Lanters, M. Lyon, A. Lyngsø Madsen, M. Neft, F. Pattiwael, A. Reeve, A. Roy, W. Scott, M. Simutin

  • An Outsider’s View on the Australian Pension System

    M. Preisel, S. Banta (aided by A. Oberthur), A. de Wet, F. Larrain, A. Oerlemans, B. Morency, B. van Popta, A. Snellen, Z. Alexander (aided by E. Cooksey), D. Knox (Advisor)

  • Chile flag
    An Outsider’s View on the Chilean Pension System

    B. van Popta, B. Morency, D. Dobson, J. van der Walt, D. Richardson, S. Banta, M. Preisel (Chair), K. Kemmerer; S. Have Balle, F. Larrain (Advisor).

  • Climate change for asset owners

    J. Coulson, A. Goehner, K. Thomassin, N. Rouault, S. Hill, D. Iverson, D. Ng, E. Angen, K. Preston, M. Zhao, J. van Dam, L. Jansen, M. Walker, D. Russell, M. Jordan

  • An Outsider’s View on the Dutch Pension Reform

    M. Preisel (Chairman), S. Banta, D. Dobson, B. Morency, D. Richardson, W. Sandbrook, B. van Popta (Advisor)