Global Pension Powerhouses

ICPM profiles the most powerful women in the pension industry, who handle $2.3 Trillion USD combined assets and are the driving force behind some of the most innovative changes in the pension industry. Hosted by ICPM Board Vice Chair Michelle Ostermann.

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  • Anca Drexler, EVP & Head of Total Portfolio Management, OMERS

  • Kim Thomassin, Executive VP and Head of Investments, CDPQ

  • Marlene Puffer, President and CEO, CN Investment Division

  • Helen Dean, CEO, National Employment Savings Trust (NEST)

  • Theresa Whitmarsh, Executive Director, Washington State Investment Board

  • Francine van Dierendonck, Member Executive Board, APG Group

  • Laura Chappell, CEO, Brunel Pension Partnership

  • Rachel Elwell, CEO, Border to Coast Pension Partnership

  • Sarah Owen, General Counsel & GM of Corp. Strategy, NZ Super Fund

  • Geraldine Leegwater, Chief Investment Management, PGGM

  • Sue Brake, CIO, Future Fund

  • Barb Zvan, President and CEO, University Pension Plan Ontario

  • Marcie Frost, CEO, CalPERS