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  • Private Equity and Institutional Investors: The Rising Owners of Power Plants

    Aleksandar Andonov, University of Amsterdam

  • Is it Alpha or Beta? A Formal Evaluation of Hedge Fund Models

    Laurent Barras, University of Luxembourg

  • Investor Responsibility: The Drive to Credible Transition Plans

    Richard Manley, CPP Investments

  • Whether & How to Involve Pension Beneficiaries in Shareholder Voting

    Jeff Schwartz, University of Utah

  • How the Demand for Bonds by Long-Term Investors Impacts Yields

    Kristy Jansen, Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California

  • Understanding the French Pension Reform

    Anne Lavigne, Université d’Orléans

  • Missing Financial Data: Consequences and Solutions for Investment

    Markus Pelger, Stanford University (Call for Research 2022 Winner)

  • Diversity Equity Inclusion In Pension Funds: Global Pension Leaders Discuss for International Women’s Day 2023

    Rachael Le Mesurier (New Zealand Superannuation Fund), Alison Loat (OPTrust), Michelle Ostermann (PSP Investments), Matilde Segarra (APG), and Lara Zink (Women in Capital Markets)

  • Board Education: Evaluating Sustainable Finance Initiatives for Collaboration

    Jessica Smith, United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative

  • Finding Fortune: How Do Institutional Investors Pick Asset Managers?

    Preetesh Kantak, Indiana University Bloomington

  • The Real Effects of Environmental Activist Investing

    Kunal Sachdeva, Rice University (Call for Research 2022 Winner)

  • How to Design a Comprehensive and Effective Net-Zero Strategy

    MIPC Winners from The University of Sydney and The Chinese University of Hong Kong

  • Do Pension Fund Investments Make a Difference? Effects on Firm Productivity

    Roel Beetsma, Dean, Economics and Business, University of Amsterdam

  • The Canadian Pension Fund Model – A Quantitative Portrait

    Sebastien Betermier, Incoming Executive Director, ICPM

  • The Fine Line Between Monetary and Fiscal Policy: Can the Policy Balance That Delivered Low Inflation be Maintained?

    Adam Posen, President of the Peterson Institute for International Economics