Rethinking Investing from the Ground Up


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Editor Foreword – Fulfilling the Journal’s Intended Purpose

Keith Ambachtsheer

Guest Editorial – What Types of People Should Manage Institutional Money?

Jack Gray

Rethinking Investing from the Ground Up: How PFZW and PGGM Are Meeting This Challenge

Jaap van Dam

Facilitating Investor Engagement on ESG Issues: The PRI Initiative in Action

Valeria Piani, Jean-Pascal Gond

Can Governance and Forensic Accounting Metrics Predict Stock Returns?

Ophir Gottlieb

The Investment Characteristics of OECD Infrastructure: A Cash-Flow Analysis

Serkan Bahçeci, Mark Weisdorf

Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure: Lessons from Australia and Canada

Georg Inderst

How Implementation Style and Costs Affect Private Equity Performance

Alex Beath, Chris Flynn, Jody MacIntosh

Pension Reform in the United Kingdom: The Unfolding NEST Story

Will Sandbrook, Tim Gosling