New Insights into Pension Management, Design, and Shareowner Stewardship


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Table of Contents

Defeating Short-Termism: Why Pension Funds Must Lead

Ed Waitzer

Active Shareowner Stewardship: A New Paradigm for Capitalism

Jon Lukomnik, Stephen Davis, David Pitt-Watson

Why Are Firms in the United States Abandoning Defined Benefit Plans?

Joshua Rauh, Irina Stefanescu

Australia’s ‘Choice of Fund’ Legislation: Success or Failure?

Joshua Fear, Geraldine Pace

Improving Pension Management and Delivery: An (Im)Modest and Likely (Un)Popular Proposal

Ron Bird, Jack Gray

A Pension for All: Pension Reform in the United Kingdom

Tim Jones

Modernizing Private Pensions: Canada Responds to a Global Challenge

William B.P. Robson

Pension Reform in the United States: Guaranteed Pension Accounts Are Key

Teresa Ghilarducci

Moving Beyond the ‘DB vs. DC’ Debate: The Appeal of Hybrid Pension Plans

Hans Blommestein, Pascal Janssen, Niels Kortleve, Juan Yermo