Long-Termism and Pension Management


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Editor Foreword – In Praise of Long-Termism

Keith Ambachtsheer

Guest Editorial – From Skeptic to Cautious Optimist: A Practitioner’s View of Long-Termism

Theresa J. Whitmarsh

The Case for Long-Termism

Keith Ambachtsheer

Asset Allocation and Bad Habits

Andrew Ang, Amit Goyal, Antti Ilmanen

Reconnecting the Financial Sector to the Real Economy: A Plan for Action

Edward J. Waitzer, Douglas Sarro

Rethinking Investment Performance Attribution

Jagdeep Singh, Leo de Bever, Roman Chuyan, Ashby Monk

How Should Investors Manage Climate-Change Risk?

Howard Covington, Raj Thamotheram

Barriers to Long-Term Cross-Border Investing: A Survey of Institutional Investor Perceptions

Rachel Harvey, Patrick Bolton, Laurence Wilse-Samson, Li An, Frédéric Samama

Demystifying Pension Design: Clearer Principles Foster Better Practices

Thomas van Galen, Theo Kocken, Stefan Lundbergh

Reforming American Public-Sector Pension Plans: Truths and Consequences

Roel Beetsma, Zina Lekniute, Eduard Ponds