Previous Year Winners



How Alternative Are Private Markets? 
Ludovic Phalippou, Oxford University; Elise Gourier, ESSEC, University of London; William N. Goetzmann Yale University

Retirement Savings Adequacy in the U.S.: Evidence from Micro-data in DC and DB Plans 
Enrichetta Ravina, Kellogg School of Management; Francisco Gomes, London Business School



Disaster on the Horizon: The Price Effect of Sea Level Rise 
Asaf Bernstein & Ryan Lewis, University of Colorado at Boulder; Matthew Gustafson, Penn State University

Temperature Shocks and Earning News 
Jawad Addoum, Cornell University; David Ng, Cornell University; Ariel Ortiz-Bobea, Cornell University


The Importance of Climate Risks for Institutional Investors  
Philipp Krueger, University of Geneva and SFI; Zacharias Sautner, Frankfurt School of Finance & Management; Laura T. Starks, University of Texas



The Long-Term Consequences of Short-Term Incentives
Alex Edmans, London Business School; Vivian Fang, University of Minnesota; Allen Huang, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

Coordinated Engagements
Elroy Dimson, Cambridge Judge Business School; Oguzhan Karakas, Cambridge Judge Business School; Xi Li, London School of Economics

The Return Expectations of Institutional Investors
Aleksandar Andonov, Erasmus University; Joshua Rauh, Stanford University and NBER

Global Portfolio Diversification for Long-Horizon Investors
Luis Viceira, Harvard Business School; Zixuan (Kevin) Wang, Harvard Business School

The Dark Side of Hedge Fund Activism: Evidence from Employee Pension Plans
Anup Agrawal, University of Alabama; Yuree Lim, University of Wisconsin La Crosse

Population Structure and Asset Values
Stephen Bonnar, University of Waterloo; Lori Curtis, University of Waterloo; Kate Rybczynski, University of Waterloo; Miguel Leon-Ledesma, University of Kent; Jaideep Oberi, University of Kent; Mark Zhou, Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation