Sally Shen is currently Manager of Investment Risk at CPP Investments. Previously, she was Research Manager at OMERS, where she led the creation of innovative and impactful research, enriching and extending the ongoing efforts concerning pension plans and social value.

Before joining OMERS, Sally served as a Research Associate at Global Risk Institute, collaborating with top academics and the pension industry for research, and played a crucial role in establishing the National Pension Hub. Sally’s journey in academia included being an Assistant Professor at Capital University of Economics and Business in Beijing, China, before she moved to Canada in 2017. She earned her Ph.D. in Finance in 2015 from Maastricht University in the Netherlands and has also worked as a researcher with APG. Sally has served as an international research fellow at Netspar since the year 2009.

Sally’s research interests focus on social value of pension, longevity risk, pension communication,  sustainable finance and climate risk, pension risk management, asset and liability management, pension technology, strategic asset allocation, liability valuation, and pension system design.