South Africa

Praneel Lachman is currently the Board Deputy Chair at FirstRand Retirement Fund and chair of the Funds Investment Committee. He has held various roles at FirstRand Limited such as in areas of strategic operations, portfolio management, Chief Risk Officer for group ALM risks, acting group Chief Audit Executive and now Head of Balance Sheet Management. He has contributed to the effective corporate governance across the group including prior responsibility for the group’s Asset, Liability and Capital Committee, the centre’s Audit, Risk and Compliance Committee and custodian of the group’s ALM relationship with regulators. Praneel is also a trustee of the FNB Umbrella Retirement Fund that was launched to help its small-to-medium and commercial enterprises clients provide a simple and cost effective retirement savings product to their staff. He is also a member of the Thinking Ahead Institute, which is a global think tank aimed at mobilizing capital for a sustainable future