In a recent round table, the Chief Risk Officers in our network identified the war on talent as a key risk that pension funds around the world are facing. Last month, the network came together for a follow-up discussion to dive deeper into this common challenge. Joined by guest Shawna Carter of Egon Zehnder, participants discussed:

– Expectations around remote/hybrid work environments: a strict full-time in-office mandate is increasingly seen as a sign of a rigid corporate culture. Many organizations are instead exploring “anchor” days in the office, where all employees are expected to meet face-to-face with their teams.

– Fostering in-house talent: one of the primary reasons employees leave organization is when they aren’t sure of their next step. Organizations should not be afraid to move employees to other pillars — even senior-level executives — to demonstrate that the company is investing in them, which can also help prepare well-rounded candidates for C-level positions; however, the practical implications can be challenging. 

– Long-term talent acquisition: Successful hiring teams often have resources dedicated to building long-term relationships with key experts in the industry, and not just on filling positions in the immediate-term.