The CIOs in the network came together in the first round table of 2023 to discuss the challenges of integrating climate change objectives into portfolio construction. The vibrant and wide-ranging discussion included key takeaways such as:

  • There is keen engagement from stakeholders on ensuring that their asset holdings are aligned with the goals of the energy transition.
  • Participants discussed the need to assign the appropriate goals for the organization and to assign responsibility for the goal either to stakeholders or to the board.
  • There can be costs from integrating climate goals into the portfolio, and boards should indicate what costs they are prepared to absorb in order to meet those goals. 
  • Once ownership of the goal has been well-established, the appropriate investment beliefs need to be developed to define actions that managers can take to achieve success.
  • There are many detailed and complicated investment management issues to overcome to meet these goals, and a significant amount of work remains to meet the three-dimensional climate challenge. 

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