Following the highly-successful launch of the program this past October, we are excited to announce the next session June 5-7, 2024 at Maastricht University in the Netherlands. 

This education program, open to board members and senior-level communication specialists of all pension funds, will follow the Utrecht Discussion Forum for ICPM Research Partners.

Pension leaders are increasingly aware of the importance of building trust with stakeholders through effective communications to strengthen engagement and properly steer a fund over the long-term, including through times of crisis. Where pension communications have traditionally been seen as an operational obligation, ensuring effective and appropriate communications with members has been identified as an important strategic topic.

In response to this need, the ICPM-Maastricht Program on Trust-Building Through Effective Communications provides an immersive education retreat participants will explore best practices in pension communications and member engagement.

Participants will learn:

  • Insights and best practices from international pension institutions from Australia, Canada, Chile, Denmark, Sweden, the United Kingdom, and the United States
  • How to identify and account for (implicit) member preferences regarding risk preferences and responsible investing
  • The impact of artificial intelligence and other technological developments on pension communications
  • The role of behavioral biases and heuristics in retirement decision-making, including evidence that framing (changing the words but not the content) can double response rates
  • and more!

Quality networking opportunities will include:

  • Interactive dinner at Thiessen, the oldest wine shop in the Netherlands, and
  • Dinner at Château Neercanne, where leaders of the member states of the European Union dined when signing the Maastricht treaty.

ICPM RESEARCH PARTNERS: Combine your travels to the Utrecht Discussion Forum (June 2-4, 2024) — Maastricht is only a two-hour train ride away! ICPM Research Partners also enjoy a 15% discount to all ICPM pension education programs.

Visit the ICPM Education Website for more information and apply here.