Now November 6-8, 2024 with added content on managing reputation risk and strengthening relationships with various stakeholders.

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The rescheduled 2024 session has been expanded to incorporate feedback we have received directly from pension funds. In addition to building trust with members, funds have identified an increasing need for best practices on managing reputation risk and communicating effectively with other stakeholders such as public, government, unions and other important groups. 

Last year, ICPM and UMIO | Maastricht University, the executive education department of the School of Business and Economics, successfully launched an immersive education retreat to explore best practices in pension communications (previously known as the ICPM-Maastricht Program on Trust-Building Through Effective Communications). 

The 2024 curriculum, which will be published soon, will feature added sessions that will resonate particularly with pension boards, senior-level communications and public affairs specialists, stakeholder and government relations leaders, investment strategists and pension policy experts. 

 Participants will learn:

  • Insights and best practices from pension institutions from around the world.
  • How to engage members on complex decisions, and incorporate risk and responsible investing preferences in a way that fosters trust.
  • How to effectively manage relationships with external stakeholders which can include the public, government, unions, associations and others.
  • Managing reputation risk and the role pension funds should play in the face of large pension reforms and volatile policy environments.
  • The impact of artificial intelligence and other technological developments on pension communication.
  • The latest research on the role of behavioral biases in retirement decision-making.
  • The role of pension boards in overseeing member engagement and communications strategies and ensuring their alignment with investment policies.

Quality networking opportunities will include:

  • Interactive dinner at Thiessen, the oldest wine shop in the Netherlands, and
  • Dinner at Château Neercanne, where leaders of the member states of the European Union dined when signing the Maastricht treaty.

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