The International Centre for Pension Management (ICPM) honours Rob Bauer as Executive Director Emeritus in recognition of his vast contributions to the ICPM Network.

ICPM warmly thanks Rob, who was ICPM’s Executive Director from 2014-2022, for his success in launching ICPM as an independent non-profit organization and growing it into an internationally recognized association of some of the most sophisticated pension schemes in the world. In 2023, Rob continued to strengthen the organization by taking on the newly-created role of Associate Director of Education, where he helped to expand ICPM’s pension education offerings. As Executive Director Emeritus, Rob will continue being involved in ICPM’s research, education, and thought leadership initiatives. More immediately, Rob will speak at the upcoming Discussion Forum in Utrecht (June 2-4, 2024) on involving members in ESG strategy and investment decisions, part of ICPM’s broader discussion on innovating governance in pension funds.

“Rob was in many ways synonymous with ICPM during his tenure, and there was no one better to be the face of the network. Rob had a knack for drawing the network together and sparking valuable discussions and debate,” says Michelle Ostermann, ICPM Board Chair. “His very nature helped build a safe space for members to candidly share best practices and collaboratively innovate.”

As ICPM’s first Executive Director after it became an independent organization, Rob helped to formalize ICPM’s operations, processes, and offerings. This included flagship Discussion Forums built around carefully curated agendas that translated thought-provoking research into practical takeaways for leaders in the industry. Rob also strengthened the ICPM-Rotman Pension Governance Education Program as its Academic Director, ensuring its curriculum stayed relevant for pension boards over the past 12 years. As ICPM’s first Associate Director of Education, Rob was instrumental in launching the ICPM-Maastricht Program on Trust-Building Through Effective Communications as well as creating customized on-site education programs for members in the network. ICPM is indebted to Rob for his dedication to ICPM, which goes back to the very beginning of the organization as a research centre at the Rotman School of Management in Toronto.

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