ICPM is pleased to welcome new board and committee members: Praneel Lachman (FirstRand, South Africa), Thomas Lee (New York State Teachers’ Retirement System, U.S.) and Kenneth Corts (Rotman School of Management, Canada) join the Board; Kristina Koutrakos (Virginia Retirement System, U.S.) joins the Forums & Events Committee.

“Praneel, Tom, Ken and Kristina have all been great supporters of ICPM’s Mission over the past several years. They have contributed in many ways to the ICPM network’s activities, and now we will undoubtedly benefit even more from their expertise and perspectives,” says Sudhir Rajkumar, ICPM Board Chair.

A special thank you goes to outgoing board members: Sarah Owen (formerly New Zealand Superannuation Fund), Laurence Booth (Rotman School of Management), and Céline van Asselt (formerly APG Asset Management, Netherlands). ICPM is particularly appreciative of the active role they all played in guiding ICPM strategy and initiatives.

ICPM also takes this opportunity to recognize the contributions of Andrew Spence. During his tenure as Executive-in-Residence between 2020-22, Andrew has been instrumental in growing ICPM’s highly-valued virtual offerings. Andrew will continue his association with ICPM in a different role, moderating member-exclusive Round Table sessions.

ICPM is also thrilled that Rob Bauer, former Executive Director of ICPM whose tenure ended in 2022, will continue his close relationship with ICPM as its Associate Director of Education. In this newly-created role, Rob will focus on the expansion of ICPM pension education offerings, beginning with the ICPM-Oxford Asset Owner Sustainability Leadership Programme (June 21-23, 2023) and the ICPM-Maastricht Program on Trust-Building Through Effective Communication (October 4-6, 2023). These two new programs are in addition to the ICPM-Rotman Pension Governance Education Program (September 25-28, 2023) – 14 editions of which have already been well received by pension board members and trustees globally since 2011 – for which Rob will continue to serve as Academic Director.

“We are so glad that Rob is staying on board with ICPM in this new capacity. He’s the perfect person to develop and grow these education offerings that are so valuable to pension fund board members and senior executives. Education is critical for making careful, well-informed decisions that will ensure a pension fund’s success far into the future,” says Sebastien Betermier, ICPM Executive Director.

For more information, please contact icpm@icpmnetwork.com