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  • ICPM Webinar featured in top1000funds.com

    The December 2nd online issue top1000funds.com features ICPM Webinar dated November 24, 2016. The webinar featured Brian O'Donnell, Executive in Residence at the Toronto-based Global Risk Institute (GRI).

  • Former ICPM Board Member Appointed New Director of Capital Markets Institute

    Alexander Dyck, an expert in corporate governance and finance has been appointed as director of the Capital Markets Institute (CMI) at the University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management. The CMI is a centre for independent and rigorous research, analysis and debate on capital markets issues, with the objective of improving the competitiveness and functioning of Canadian markets. The goal of the CMI is to bring together academics, industry participants, regulators and politicians, to explore key capital market issues and to share our knowledge broadly.

  • NBER Call for Papers

    Call for papers for the second NBER-NBIM conference on long-term asset management. The upcoming conference will be held in London on Friday-Saturday, May 19-20, 2017.

The ICPM offers regular opportunities for senior networking and stimulating collaboration with pension sector peers from around the world. For more information or inquiries please contact us.



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Future life expectancy in 35 industrialised countries: projections with a Bayesian model ensemble - The Lancet https://t.co/py4W3Nzf3q

@ICPMNetwork 22 Feb 2017

First Impressions Matter! How do individuals assess the quality of financial advice https://t.co/vaUOGPdebZ, published in Management Science

@ICPMNetwork 21 Feb 2017

World Bank article on #climatechange is in line with ICPM June 2017 Discussion Forum session on the topic: https://t.co/4XFu73I8AH

@ICPMNetwork 13 Feb 2017