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  • ICPM Board Effectiveness Program

    Toronto, Canada
    BEP 9: November 28 - December 2 2016
    BEP 10: April 3 - April 7 2017

    Apply to participate in the next ICPM Board Effectiveness Program For Pension and Other Long-Horizon Investment Institutions.

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The ICPM offers regular opportunities for senior networking and stimulating collaboration with pension sector peers from around the world. For more information or inquiries please contact us.



ICPM Network Social Feed

Keith Ambachtsheer #ICPMNetwork interviewed on pensions in Switzerland in Le Temps : https://t.co/TIlL6N6liR

@ICPMNetwork 21 Sep 2016

New Netspar design paper on a tool to measure time and risk preferences in pension savings decisions https://t.co/ayVgVdt6bq

@ICPMNetwork 20 Sep 2016

ICPM Research Partner La Caisse's CEO has a warning: Expect higher risks, lower returns. https://t.co/9OUPRtDQOi

@ICPMNetwork 15 Aug 2016