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  • A truly global organization, ICPM stimulates leading-edge thinking and practice about pension design and management.

Accepting Applications

  • ICPM Board Effectiveness Program

    Toronto, Canada
    BEP 11: November 27 through December 1, 2017

    Apply to participate in the next ICPM Board Effectiveness Program For Pension and Other Long-Horizon Investment Institutions.

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The ICPM offers regular opportunities for senior networking and stimulating collaboration with pension sector peers from around the world. For more information or inquiries please contact us.



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Kudos to Alberta Investment Management Corporation & @CalSTRS for their work in closing the #diversity gap:… https://t.co/tSaHGJojer

@ICPMNetwork 28 Nov 2017

A big #welcome to all of the participants at the #ICPM Board Effectiveness Program this week! https://t.co/gPewLHKaBp

@ICPMNetwork 28 Nov 2017

The ICPM 2017 Call For Research is now open! Prizes of CAD$10k will be awarded to quality #pension & #investment-re… https://t.co/UGILVpUsSu

@ICPMNetwork 14 Nov 2017