Fernando Larrain is currently General Manager of the Chilean trade union organization AAFP, where he is responsible for the design, implementation, and evaluation of AAFP’s strategy. Prior to this, he was a consultant for the Inter-American Development Bank, UNICEF, and the Organization of American States on issues of state modernization, corruption, public management and political economy. Mr. Larrain has a diverse government background, holding several advisory roles to various Chilean Ministers and the President.

Mr. Larrain sits on a number of boards. He was a founding member and board director for the Chilean Society of Public Policies, a scientific corporation whose mission is to improve the quality of public policies; as well as the Fundación Trabajoen la Calle, a non-governmental organization pioneering social development work for marginalized urban communities. He was named an Eisenhower Fellow in 2015 and One of Chile’s 100 Leaders in 2013. He has authored several publications.

Mr. Larrain holds a Master’s degree in Public Affairs from Princeton University, a Certificate in Policy and Governance from Duke University/Graduate Institute of International Studies, as well as a Bachelors of Economics and Business Administration from Pontificia Universidad Catolicade Chile. After eight years as a full time professor, he remains a visiting Scholar at three universities (UAI Chile, ESEN El Salvador, and IDE Ecuador).